Lenny Kravitz on Trunk Nation

数時間前、Trunk Nationという番組にLennyが生出演しました。全体的には、ほとんどが今までにも聞いたことがある話でした。ニューアルバム"Raise Vibration"については、発売日は9月7日、第一弾シングルは"Low"の予定だそうです。詳しいことはまだ話すなと言われているのか、後は「曲はほとんど夢で聞いた」という話しかしてませんでした……。曲は夢で聞くことが多いっていうのも、今回のアルバムに限った話じゃなくて、いつものことだし(笑)  それから、スランプに陥ってたって話はしてませんでしたよ(笑) 内容を少しツイートしてくれていたので、参考にして下さい。


Lenny Kravitz is 🔴 LIVE with Eddie Trunk on Trunk Nation 🤘 


"I woke up one night with a song in my head, went in the studio and started working... and then the floodgates opened. That's what happened with this record." - @LennyKravitz


New single, "Low," coming soon & the new @lennykravitz album drops September 7! What's your favorite @LennyKravitz song?


"[Are You Gonna Go My Way] was cut in 5 minutes. The next client was waiting to get into their [studio] session." - @LennyKravitz


"We came up with this thing. PUt it down in 5 minutes and when home with this track with no words, no melody. I played it over and over on my boombox at night... no lyrics." - @LennyKravitz


"I know when I write something that I like and I go, 'That's a hit to me.' The only time I knew I had a hit was when I wrote 'Again' for the Greatest Hits record." @lennykravitz


"The only other time I knew I had a hit song was when I gave 'Justify My Love' to @Madonna." - @LennyKravitz


What's @EddieTrunk's favorite @LennyKravitz album?
How about you?


"When I said rock n roll is dead, I meant that you can be who you are and be rock n roll. @prince actually answered me with a song 'Rock n Roll is Alive and Well and Living in Minneapolis.' So that was fun." -@LennyKravitz


Can you imagine a @LennyKravitz & @prince tour!?


.@LennyKravitz has a copy of a song he and @Prince cut together... we would LOVE to hear that!


Who would @LennyKravitz love to work with?

"I worked with Michael Jackson. I worked with Bowie. I worked with @prince, @Madonna... oh I can answer that question. @ArethaFranklin. I would love to cut a track with Aretha."


Did you ever camp out or wait for days to get a record or concert tickets? @LennyKravitz & @eddietrunk reminisce...


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Eddie Trunkの一番好きなアルバムは"Circus"で、その中で一番好きな曲は"Beyond The 7th Sky"だそうですよ。 


Beyond the 7th Sky - Germany 1995, Lenny Kravitz

Don't Go And Put A Bullet In Your Head

Lenny Kravitz - Thin Ice


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